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Facilities and layout of artificial swimming place in water slide design

Facilities and layout of artificial swimming place in water slide design

In the design of the water park, the facilities and layout of the artificial swimming place must meet certain requirements, as follows:

1. The artificially constructed swimming place shall be equipped with swimming pool and emergency room, changing room, shower room, public toilet, water quality circulation purification and disinfection equipment control room and warehouse. It should be arranged reasonably in the order of changing room, mandatory shower room, foot dip pool and swimming pool, with proper ratio between each other, and meet the requirements of safe and hygienic use.

2. The first-aid room should be set up according to the requirements of GB19079 "Opening Conditions and Technical Requirements of Stadiums," equipped with oxygen bags, ambulance beds, first-aid medicines and equipment. The first-aid equipment should be placed in an obvious location for easy access.

3. The floor of the dressing room should be constructed with materials that are non-slip, water-proof, and easy to clean, and the slope of the ground should meet the requirements of the building code and have drainage facilities. Walls and interior ceilings are coated with waterproof, mildew-proof and non-toxic materials. The locker room should be equipped with closed lockers, shoe racks and other dressing facilities that match the designed reception volume, and set up hand washing and disinfection facilities with flowing water. The locker should be made of smooth, water-proof material and should be set according to the standard of one guest and one use. The locker room has a wide passage to maintain air circulation. The indoor swimming pool that is open all year round should be equipped with air conditioning and ventilation equipment and pool water temperature adjustment facilities.

4. A forced-pass shower should be installed between the shower room and the foot dip sterilization pond. A shower head should be provided for every 20 to 30 people in the shower room. The ground should be constructed with materials that are non-slip, water-proof, and easy to clean. The slope of the ground should meet the requirements of the building code and drainage facilities should be provided. The walls and ceiling are coated with waterproof, mildew-proof and non-toxic materials, and the shower room is equipped with water supply and drainage facilities.

5. To provide customers with drinking utensils, a special disinfection room for drinking utensils should be set up.

6. Swimming pools with different deep and shallow zones should have obvious water depth, warning signs for deep and shallow water areas, or set up deep and shallow water isolation zones with obvious signs in the swimming pool. The swimming pool wall and bottom should be smooth and water-proof, light-colored, with rounded corners and bottom corners. The outside of the swimming pool shall be paved with non-slip and easy-to-wash materials. The walkway shall have a certain inclination to the outside and drainage facilities shall be provided. The drainage facilities shall be provided with water seals and other anti-air pollution isolation devices.

7. The passage of the shower room to the swimming pool shall be provided with a forced-pass immersion foot disinfection pool, the length of the pool shall not be less than 2 meters, the width shall be the same as the walkway, and the depth shall be 20 cm.

8. The indoor swimming pool should have personnel entrances and evacuation passages that meet the relevant national standards, and be equipped with mechanical ventilation facilities.

9. The swimming pool should be equipped with compliant swimming pool water treatment equipment and disinfection facility equipment, and the design parameters should be able to meet the requirements of water quality treatment. The liquid chlorine disinfection shall have leakage prevention measures. The water treatment machine room shall not directly communicate with the swimming pool, and an emergency alarm device shall be provided in the machine room. The area where liquid chlorine is placed and filled should be set on the leeward side of the swimming pool with warning signs, effective gas masks should be placed at the entrance of the dosing room, and the safety of the liquid chlorine should meet the requirements of relevant departments.

10. The swimming place should be equipped with residual chlorine, PH value, water thermometer and other water quality testing equipment.

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