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Iteration and innovation of parent-child leisure-2

Iteration and innovation of parent-child leisure-2

Product dimension of parent-child leisure, including for water slide.           

1) Parent child paradise           

Many theme parks(including water slide) are naturally rich in parent-child elements, such as foreign Disneyland, Lego Park, etc., as well as domestic Fonterra, Chimelong, etc. their product target customers tend to be younger and family, the content of which focuses on IP storytelling, experiential, less stimulating projects with greater physical burden, or to a lesser extent. In addition, some theme parks will pay more attention to adult oriented and stimulating products, such as some parks with large roller coasters as the main project.           

In the future, as the domestic theme park market tends to be saturated, the pain points of large-scale theme park investment, expensive maintenance and low income need to be solved. The parent-child park with lower equipment cost, less investment intensity and more emphasis on activity experience will become a major development trend. The radiation radius of such park is relatively small, and it is generally based on the surrounding areas of big cities to provide more frequent happy experience for families in the period of parenting.

2) Parent child Resort           

In the second half of last century, more and more parent-child resort brands appeared in Europe and America, such as Clubmed, pvcp in France and apple leisure in the United States. They fully consider the needs of parents and children in products and services, and have unique characteristics.           

At present, most of the domestic tourist resorts / hotels are still in the stage of conceptual backwardness. They just put the urban hotels "flat" to the tourist destination, which fits the appearance of the scenic spot from the new design, but there is no change in product experience and service, which will be a big space to be improved in the future.           

In recent years, with the international parent-child holiday brands entering China one after another, and there have been individual resorts that focus on parent-child leisure learning foreign concepts in China, I believe that the future holiday market will be more and more divided, specialized and refined.

3) City Park           

There are many zoos, botanical gardens, country parks, wetland parks and so on in major cities in China. At present, these urban parks carry a lot of daily parent-child leisure functions. However, most of these traditional parks are lack of products and services, and there will be a lot of room for improvement and improvement in the future to enhance their social service functions. This is also a major demand for urban renewal and consumption upgrading when the development reaches a certain stage.

4) Parent-child farm           

Farm tour is suitable for the whole family. It can not only experience different rural life and enjoy green and ecological farm food, but also let children discover more mysteries of nature, and cultivate their love and lively and cheerful character.           

Most of China's rural tourism products are still in the monotonous, coarse-grained stage of agritainment. In terms of overall quality, experience, output value, interest, knowledge, interaction and advanced nature of parent-child needs, there is still a big gap compared with foreign parent child farms.           

With the continuous promotion of rural revitalization, the innovation of rural tourism products is on the way, which is one of the most direct and feasible ways to increase rural output value. The parent-child farm with professional products and services will have broad development space.

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