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Tsunami Pool

Tsunami Pool

Tsunami Pool
  • Tsunami Pool
  • Tsunami Pool
  • Tsunami Pool

Name: Tsunami Pool
Brand Name: Haisan
Production method: spray up
Usage: Water park, Aqua park, Theme park, Amusement park
Color :customized,please refer to our color chart
Factory: SGS and TUV audited manufacturer
Delivery Detail: Shipped in 45 days after payment

Water Park Supplier -Tsunami pool
The principle of tsunami pool (vacuum wave machine) is different from wave pool, this design adopts the water ring vacuum pump in the closed chamber to form certain vacuum, which will suck the water from the pool into the closed chamber (equals to tank) and make the formation of certain water. Then the valve of large diameter controlled by pneumatic suddenly open and the water level in the closed chamber will suddenly go down and waves are formed. Water ring vacuum pump make low vacuum and the water level can be increased by more than 8 meters in theory. If the volume of air chamber and the design of pool are reasonable, the wave height can reach more than 3 meters. While wave pool is limited by the air pressure of blower, it is difficult to form waves of more than 1.5 meters. To meet the needs of visitors to seek adventure, our company has developed tsunami pool equipment (vacuum wave machine) which can form wave height of more than 2.5 meters. The requirements of visitors should be also improved, such as equipped with life jackets, etc., and other aspects of tsunami pool running should also be made corresponding requirements.

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