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Three Water Park Projects in Lebanon Opened this Summer

Three Water Park Projects in Lebanon Opened this Summer

In this summer, three water park projects are opened to the public, Guangzhou Haisan Entertainment Technology Co., Ltd. provided the water park design, equipment manufacture and installation supervision for these three water parks. Two projects are in the capital, Beirut city, another one is in Zgharta city.

Splash water park in Beirut city includes middle size water house, lazy river and water plays. Magic Land in Beirut city includes spiral slide, speed slide, multislide, small water house, lazy river and water plays. These two water parks are new this year. Water Land in Zgharta city has opened its first phase on 2015 and this year adds more slides to enrich the water park and make it more attractive, the equipment in first phase includes small water house, spiral slide, multislide and speed slide, the tower height for slides in first phase is 8m, players want to challenge higher and more exciting slide, so we build three slides(spiral slide, free fall and kamikaze) with 12m for the second phase to satisfy players' dream.

The three parks are very popular after opening, the visitors even can reach to 5000 people/day in some parks.

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