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Ten development trend of water park equipment-Analysis from Chimelong Water Park and Universal Studios Volcan- Trend nine

Ten development trend of water park equipment-Analysis from Chimelong Water Park and Universal Studios Volcan- Trend nine

The ninth trend is to intelligently solve operational problems and optimize the experience. This view is still the view above. The core of intelligent focus is the visitor water park equipment experience. Any intelligentity that does not solve operational problems is a rogue. Only the intelligence of optimizing the experience is good intelligence.

The first manifestation of intelligent performance is to solve the problem of difficulty in queuing the ace project. The wrist is still different from the function of seeing some wrists in China. First of all, there is no need to pay a deposit. After entering the park, there is one person. This wrist display function, for example, can reserve a queue for a project. Like the third photo, it is how long the tourists wait in the appointment and view the project. In fact, this function is not advanced, and there are many applications in airports, restaurants, etc., but the starting point of the water park is that visitors are not so anxious, because the big price is here for vacation, if the holiday is for small When things are cumbersome and always thinking about queuing, they are not called vacations. All the starting points are still focused on the needs of tourists.

It can also take pictures. Once you enter the park, you can take a photo of the camera. You can trigger the photo after the agency. The photos can be sent to the mailbox. We can try localization in China. In addition, it can trigger the interaction between the authorities and the tourists, so that visitors can enjoy the experience of playing with water. Before we saw it in many paradise, including the rapids, drifting and other projects, the tourists sat and squatted. The children told Dad that they had to pay for the money, whether it was to exchange change or to pay for the QR code. When the launch was launched, the tourist’s boat had passed and the family was regretted. So we feel that there 's many things we can do.

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