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The Safety Knowledge Of Large Amusement

The Safety Knowledge Of Large Amusement

Modern recreational facilities which is loved by the majority of young people and children are full use of modern rides mechanical, electrical, light, water, power and other advanced technology and set the informative, interesting, science, adventure in one.
Special equipment management rides refers for business purposes, carrying passengers recreational facilities, and its range is defined as the maximum line speed is greater than or equal to 2m / s, or run the height from the ground greater than or equal to 2m manned major rides.

Currently, a large recreational facilities include: Carousel class, scooter category, gyro class, flight tower class, racing, controlled aircraft category, class Ferris wheel, train category, overhead class coaches, water rides, bumper cars category battery car and so on.

When using recreational facilities, pay attention to the following matters: the striking local rides are installed "Passengers" or "take notice" and related "warning" card. Read carefully before playing and visitors must wait in the security fence. When people have to wait a long time, don’t climb the fence.

Obey the staff’s command, it is better to go up and down in order, sit tightly and do not enter the isolated area without authorization. When up and down the car, please note that the head and the foot, so as not to bump or fall.

After the rides station parking, please command the staff’s guide or help unfasten the seat belts and lift safety bar under pressure.

Sit on the seat with a good posture, when equipment movement, never let the  hands, arms, feet and other body parts out of the window any more. Do not unfasten the seat belts and Open the safety bar arbitrarily.

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