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Core Issues of Investment and Management of Water Park Equipment  (I) Research on Development Opportunities

Core Issues of Investment and Management of Water Park Equipment (I) Research on Development Opportunities

At present, the development of water parks in China is very rapid. In the past five years, the number of water parks is increasing at the rate of dozens every year. We have found many prefecture-level cities in the whole country. There are nine water park equipment in one place with the largest number of cities. There are more and more water parks. Is this good or bad? Water park has always been a project that our tourism investment circles are willing to choose, because it has a relatively small amount of investment and occupies a relatively small area, so its adaptability is relatively strong, and the operation cycle is relatively short, so the operation cost is relatively low.

But not every water park can achieve good business results. In fact, quite a number of water parks are not in good condition. As far as I know, the annual income of a provincial water park in the northern part of China is also more than 10 million yuan, so from the view of the number of tourists, it certainly can not meet his business needs. So what is the reason that the operation of our water park can not meet expectations? I want to give you some inspiration through my lecture.            

From the following aspects, I can say that the first is the study of development opportunities of water parks; the second is the key points of conceptual scheme planning of water parks; and the third is the key issues that need to be paid attention to in design and construction. Fourth, the key points of operation preparation and construction; fifth, some cases of water parks at home and abroad. These five aspects may not be systematically described in theory, but are more concerned about some core issues in the process of practice.           

The development opportunity of water park is to judge whether water park is suitable for development in this place, which is a prerequisite. For this situation, one of the mistakes that we often make in the investment circle is not to do this step of research, but to enter the design stage directly according to the resources in hand, without judging the development opportunities first.           

This will lead to problems in project investment. The problem may be that this place is not suitable for water parks at all, or that its market potential is not enough to support a water park, or that the climate is too restrictive, or the competition is too fierce, and so on. Therefore, before investing in water parks, it is essential to study the development opportunities of water parks. With this step, we can judge whether we can do it or not, and how we can do it. The development opportunities of water parks should focus on these seven points:

Site analysis            

The first is the resource judgment. As far as the water park is concerned, what resources can it use for reference?           

The second is its traffic, which is very critical. Traffic inconvenience directly leads to problems in the project. Water parks in most parts of China operate in three to five months. In addition to Guangdong, Fujian, Hainan and other places, that is, the operating season of less than four months. For such a short business season to achieve business objectives, the number of tourists is relatively concentrated, and the golden season of most water parks is July and August. These two months mean that the seasonality of the tourist volume is very obvious. If the seasonality is obvious, the number of tourists is quite concentrated, and most of the tourists are concentrated in the afternoon. Enter the garden at night. In this case, the traffic requirements are quite high. The influx of tourists in a short time will cause traffic jams and seriously affect the experience of tourists. Traffic depends on the overall traffic configuration. In addition to roads, there are also public transport routes, including rail transit, buses and other means of transport. Geological conditions play an important role in the development of water parks. Poor geological conditions will affect the stability of pile foundation, and then lead to water park equipment displacement, deformation and so on. The change of the foundation affects the safety, so the geological condition must be considered beforehand, especially the riverside and lakeside.           

In addition, we must consider the maturity of water park and its surrounding land, and the relationship between water park and residential market.           

market analysis           

We usually divide the market into two markets, one is the residential market and the other is the tourist market.           

The residential market is a two-hour drive. If you want to further subdivide into other dimensions, then there is age, for example, between 40 and 45 years old, which may be the main market. The second market is the tourist market. The tourist market is the residents who are two hours away.           

The division of market attributes is related to the influence of products. If the investment of products is larger, the quality is higher, the marketing is better and the operation level is higher, the radius of the market may change accordingly. But generally speaking, according to the global law, it is basically the above law.           

In principle, water park is a city entertainment product. But some water parks have the characteristics of vacation products, such as those in Orlando, USA, such as space port, snowstorm beach and volcanic bay. These water parks are mainly vacation products. But China's water parks are basically urban entertainment products, Changlong has a part of the nature of vacation, but strictly speaking, it is still mostly urban entertainment. For urban entertainment products, in the middle of these two markets, the main market is the residential market, that is, the market within two hours'drive is the main market, so the research market should be based on this market.           

Some tourism consulting agencies always draw a circle after circle when they do research for the owners. The first circle divides several provinces into one circle and the second circle divides the whole country into another. All these circles are invalid. The real effective circle is the circle within two hours'drive, which accounts for at least 80% of the income. To 90%, it decides the life and death of the water park. So we must have a high awareness of the importance of this circle. When we judge the market, the most important thing is to stick to the principle of two-hour driving range.            

The tourist market is related to the product structure of the water park. The proportion of the tourist market is related to the location of the water park, the location of the water park and the relationship between other products. If it is a fixed type of water park, and the popularity and influence of the water park in the whole country and the region is also general, the tourist market can basically give up. If it is a holiday resort, there are quite a number of holiday tourists, and the tourist market can play a certain role in it. If the water park has uniqueness, advancement and uniqueness in the region, it will be attractive to the tourist market. If we target these two markets, it means that your product strategy will change accordingly. Your products have not changed accordingly, or do it in the traditional way. The tourist market is basically equal to zero or very few. The only possible opportunity is for local residents to drive the tourist market.           

One premise of market analysis is that we have to judge that the market is insufficient to support your investment. The judgment of this quantity depends on the population within the two-hour driving range, and the positioning of the core market in the middle. The market is dominated by the home market and the youth market. It is necessary to analyze how large the core market is and how much penetration you can achieve in the end, that is, how many percent of the people in the middle can be absorbed into your park, which constitutes your main source of visitors. At present, the permeability of water parks in China is between 5% and 20%. If you do well, it can be higher and if you don't do well, it will be lower. Of course, there are special cases. If there are no water parks around the area, you can do well in marketing, and the permeability can be further improved.           

With the total amount of the residential market, the number of tourists in the main source section and the penetration rate, you basically have a basic estimate of the number of tourists you may get in the future. With this estimate, we can decide a series of problems related to investment, operation and product.

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