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Analysis of the Situation of Water Park Equipment in Fourth and Fifth-tier Cities

Analysis of the Situation of Water Park Equipment in Fourth and Fifth-tier Cities

1. Urban Development Opportunities           

Water park equipment can integrate with surrounding hotels, shopping centers, high-end residential areas and other tourism resources, and can greatly promote the development of tourism in a region. Therefore, it is valued and supported by government departments. Under the guidance of the global tourism policy, experiential tourism projects can better adapt to market demand and promote the process of urbanization.           

2. Market Competition           

Direct competition: the large-scale tourist projects in the central cities of the region are naturally attractive to consumers in the fourth and fifth tier cities; the strong brand attraction of the first and second tier cities is highlighted in the holidays, and the convenient transportation promotes the travel. In addition, parent-child paradise has sprung up in the region, directly competing for family visitors.           

Indirect Competition: In the process of urbanization, new business centers are moving towards commercialization. Many well-known brand operators have sunk to fourth-and fifth-tier cities, bringing more cultural and entertainment experience. They actively carry out flash, Curatorial and other activities to attract urban consumers'time, money and energy to the past. In addition, cinemas, restaurants and bars point to similar groups of customers. Because of the small scale of the urban market, it is necessary to form a competitive relationship.           

3. Scale of investment and construction           

Due to the common factors such as small market scale, inconvenient transportation and low urbanization rate, the investment and operation scale of the 4th and 5th water parks is basically positioned as medium and small water parks.           

4. Geographical environment           

Most of them are located in the central and Western regions. Within the 2-hour high-speed rail economic circle of the central city, there are also high-speed rail links in nearby counties.

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