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Several reminders for water park

Several reminders for water park

Water theme park, water park investment is a very important part of tourism investment, its development is also very rapid. And from the data of favorite water slides, usually the water park updating different new water slides each year will be much better and attractive. However, the industry of water parks has not reached a mature stage in China. Most of China's hundreds of water parks are built in the last 5-8 years. In the past few years, a large number of industrial rules and norms have emerged, which need to be gradually revised and improved. Now the domestic competition is becoming more and more intense, prompting each water park investors and related personnel to do a positive promotion, in the operation and management, there are several reminders.            

1. refined talent allocation.           

The key to the investment and operation of water park is not only to select the water park equipment, but also to select the most important and efficient operation and management team among the factors affecting the profit and loss of the project. Therefore, to absorb talents, to find suitable management personnel, and to carefully manage the park is the key to ensure the operation of water park. Ten people's paradise, one hundred people's paradise, five hundred people's paradise, one thousand people's paradise, the method of leading the team is completely different, but the minimum requirements of management are consistent. The minimum requirement is sixteen words: "clear goals, clear responsibilities, clear rewards and penalties, beyond Bole."           

2. refined market analysis           

Meticulous market analysis is an important means for water parks to make profits. For example, the Maya Beach Phase II construction project in Shanghai is entirely based on market research to choose. Specialized hiring paradise to do market research, the market in the end what kind of project is needed, is entirely based on market orientation to implement.           

The purpose of doing something determines our way of doing things. So, in discussing how to do market analysis, we should first make clear what the purpose of our analysis is. The answer is simple: draw effective conclusions to guide our operation. Obviously, we need to define two words: effective. What conclusion is effective? Our first response is the right and profitable conclusion. But it is not. Whether the conclusion is valid or not needs to be evaluated at the same time as the conclusion is drawn, and then, it is implemented effectively and adjusted ineffectively; the correct is to evaluate the conclusion afterwards, which is correct if it coincides with the market, and wrong if it does not. The two are not exactly the same thing. We believe that the effectiveness includes two levels: first, executable; two, complete. These two points are basic requirements. They must be done in the first analysis and conclusion. As for the accuracy necessary to make money, on the contrary, it can not be strictly required, but can only be continuously improved in learning.           

3. fine operation specifications           

The operation of safety regulations is related to the operation of the whole water park. Every behavior in operation has certain norms and requirements, and every employee should abide by this norm, so that the basic operation of water park more standardized.           

4. refinement of safety management           

Safety is a constant and unneglecting factor in water parks. The accidental damage of water park is much higher than that of land park. Every day a lot of bruises, bruises and injuries, managers should have a deep understanding. If tourists are hurt in the process of finding joy, the experience is very poor. Therefore, it is necessary to establish the safety management system of water park, establish the management concept that safety is greater than day, innovate the safety management, innovate the means of safety management, and make the management of water park more strict, standardized and refined.           

5. refresh of new water slides.

Updating new water slides will be more attractive for players.
water slide

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