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What is the safety operation management of water park? TWO/THREE

What is the safety operation management of water park? TWO/THREE

What is the safety operation management of water park? 2/3
 Jing Haiming (Deputy General Manager of Suzhou High-tech Tourism Industry Group Co., Ltd.):
As everyone knows, the water slide has three major factors that determine its safety boundary. One is the main body of the equipment, the trajectory of its operation, the amount of water, and whether its design is scientific. This should be even more controlled by our equipment manufacturers. Including the slider board, this piece is on the hardware. The second part is to decide whether it is safe or not, to see if we can operate. For tourists, first do an on-site training. At the same time, overall control must be achieved. There is also an even distribution of weight, which is also more critical. Third, it should be said that it is related to the control of our tourists' own posture. Some tourists are out of control when they are stimulated to varying degrees. The above are roughly the three problems we encountered in the field of water slides.

For hardware equipment, firstly, when we build a new building, we did a lot of repeated tests with the manufacturers of game equipment. The tester ’s posture, what is the best, how much water is appropriate, and whether the speed is reasonable. Yes, this requires a lot of debugging and testing to be fixed. But remember, the new slide, when some equipment manufacturers come in to test and debug, this is the case. After being opened to tourists, due to the use of a large number of tourists and the friction of the slide, a second debugging will be required after a period of time. Therefore, equipment manufacturers need to make secondary adjustments during operation to reach the optimal value.

Secondly, our service staff controls the posture of tourists and the even distribution of weight. This is currently being implemented, and there are also some problems encountered. Tourists are now rich in nutrition and their weight is very heavy. It was 80 before Kilograms, now we ask the manufacturers for 85 kilograms, but still can't meet the needs of our tourists' weight gain. So this one still depends on whether there is a new breakthrough in the weight of amusement equipment manufacturers. Some tourists have finally come up. If the weight is not enough, it will cause dissatisfaction to tourists. We standardize this piece. We use a large number of students for testing and training, because each water park is mainly student-oriented. We bring old with new. We have a basic team and we have a standardized population. Therefore, we generally conduct standardized training in advance. Regulate these safe operating elements in place. At the same time, we were informed at the scene of the visitor, whether it was video, pattern, or sound, we tried to fully show the visitor on the tower. The second point is to add that at the same time of operation, the most important thing is that the equipment maintenance personnel conduct daily inspections of the entertainment facilities and daily test rides. Including equipment, continuous inspection during operation. For the amount of water, for the slide body, whether it will burst due to temperature changes must be tested. This is the basic details. On the entertainment equipment, maximize security.

Thirdly, we tourists, the control of the travel posture, generally we inform the tourists, at the same time we remind tourists as much as possible, we think that it is not suitable for the elderly, we will write a security commitment Way to operate. He said I have to play, why can't I play? In fact, many are too old to play because they are more exciting. The second is the tourist's posture. You have to measure him. He will be so excited when he is stimulated. We have to rely on some measures to reduce the damage, such as making some soft helmets, or even the bumps in the chute, if the rectification is not in place, make some soft pads to protect him. For example, is there a ring in the big six-person circle? These measures should still be taken, of course, in the end, some still have to cooperate with the amusement equipment manufacturers to put it in place for rectification.


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