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Whirlwind/Loudspeaker Slide Product Features

Whirlwind/Loudspeaker Slide Product Features

Tourists sit in a four-leaf grass shaped floating circle and start to glide from the starting point of the platform up to 16 meters. They fly into the huge trumpet shaped slide, like being sucked into the tornado, experiencing the fun of gliding in the wind, especially for the tourists who like to experience the excitement and novelty. This product has four specifications, respectively suitable for adults and children. It is a must-choose aquatic park equipment project of a large water park.

Features of large horn slide:
A. The main part of the slide is made of high-performance fiberglass composite material, which is made of paste by hand. It has very strong toughness and hardness. It is safe and durable.
B. The surface of the slide adopts phlorobenzene gelcoat with high mechanical strength, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and oxidation resistance, and has the characteristics of smoothness, smoothness, uv protection and fading prevention.
C. With strong reception capacity, it can shorten the queuing time of tourists to the greatest extent and attract people.
D. The appearance is a huge trumpet body, with strong visual impact and appeal, which constantly attracts tourists to come and play repeatedly.
E. A variety of color options and combinations are available.
F. There are many specifications and parameters, which can be freely selected.

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