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Risk analysis of water park facilities from HAISAN water park builder

Risk analysis of water park facilities from HAISAN water park builder

In recent years, with the increasing demand for leisure and entertainment quality, various large-scale theme parks have gradually emerged everywhere from water park builder, and the water theme parks are the first choice for people to play. While water recreation facilities bring joy, excitement and enjoyment to people, there are also many risks. There are often various injuries caused by equipment safety hazards or personnel mistakes. These accidents remind us that it is very important to fully understand the possible dangers of water recreation facilities and take corresponding preventive measures to avoid the recurrence of accidents.

The risk analysis of water park facilities by Haishan Company, a water park equipment supplier, is as follows:
1. Falling from a height and jumping out at high speed
Modern large-scale amusement facilities have the characteristics of high-speed operation, high-altitude operation, water running or high-speed state downloading at high altitude or water. During operation, due to mechanical failures, safety facilities failure, etc., tourists may fall from high places or high speed. Smashing out, causing tourists to die.

2. drowning in the water
Water amusement facilities are inseparable from pools, waterways, etc. Pools, waterways, and rivers in amusement parks may be caused by improper protection and inadvertent personnel. When tourists play water-wood bridges, water rock climbing, water slides and other water recreation projects, they often fall into the water, which may lead to tourists' drowning accidents due to the protection of rescue workers.

3. Collapse, tipping accident
The causes of collapse and dumping accidents are complex. Defects in building design, unqualified construction quality, loss of control during operation, natural disasters, such as earthquakes, typhoons or man-made damage may cause collapse and dumping of amusement facilities and buildings. accident. Except for some natural disasters, some of the accidents are unpredictable and happen in an instant. Due to the suddenness of the collapse and tipping accident, the personnel suffered fatal injuries and the property suffered serious losses.

4. Crowded stepping on
At the peak of passenger flow, personnel are dense and fluid, and in the event of an accident, natural disaster, terrorist attack or other potential hazard, panic and chaos may occur. In this disorder, There are often crowds, collisions, trampling, and falls. Once a crowded stampede accident occurs, it will affect a large number of personnel in a very short period of time, making it difficult to effectively start early warning measures and emergency rescue measures. The scene is difficult to control, causing numerous casualties.

5. Mechanical injury
The rotating parts, rolling parts and joints of the amusement facilities are likely to cause pinching, shearing, rolling, twisting, etc. during the operation process due to the imperfect protection facilities of the equipment itself or the mistakes of the tourists, which cause these parts to directly contact the human body. Mechanical injury accidents such as cutting, stabbing, etc.

6. Collision
During the operation of the water park facilities, due to the fast running speed, the rides may collide during operation due to operational errors, failure of the speed limit device, and failure of the safety protection device, resulting in casualties.

7. Damage
If the amusement equipment is accidentally charged due to insulation damage of the electrical circuit, etc., if the protection device such as leakage protection, grounding (zero connection), etc. fails, it may cause electric shock accidents such as tourists and operators.

8. Other injuries
The water used in the water park facilities needs regular disinfection and dechlorination. Generally, the water park will have a purified water device. The odorous chlorine, sodium hypochlorite, polyaluminum chloride, hydrochloric acid and other drugs used in the process of purifying water have certain toxicity. These drugs may leak or be improperly used, which may cause tourists to be poisoned.
In addition, most of the water park projects are carried out in the water, and the possibility of fire is extremely small. However, the current playgrounds are all integrated with entertainment, dining and accommodation. In the catering and accommodation area, the fire should also be a key accident prevention accident.

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