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How is the water in the water slide disinfected?

How is the water in the water slide disinfected?

1.    Algae control and bacteriostasis:

The water slide swimming pool needs to add 2-3 kg of copper sulfate per 1000 cubic meters of water. If it is to treat new water, it needs to be doubled to kill algae and inhibit bacteria. (The following steps are best started 2 hours after administration).

2.    Sterilization and disinfection:

Sterilize with trichloroisocyanuric acid (TCCA, strongly chlorinated) powder or tablets, usually at a dose of 2 g / m3 water. Dosing time is best completed 1-2 hours before opening. If the amount of drug is added halfway, for every 0.5 ppm increase, the remaining chlorine content should be increased by 0.5 g / m3.

3.    Water purification agent release (precipitation):

Polyaluminum chloride (powder) is usually administered in a dosage of 5-10 grams per cubic meter of water. After release, it is best to let the water circulate for half an hour. After the alum appears in the water, let stand for 6-8 hours.

4.    Sewage suction:

After the precipitation is completed, the sewage suction treatment is carried out.

Note: When performing steps 1-4, if there is a water circulation system, the circulation system should be opened to distribute the injected reagents evenly. If it is a waterless circulation system, you need to manually make it even.

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