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Water Park Equipment: Precautions Of Dangers In Water Amusement Park

Water Park Equipment: Precautions Of Dangers In Water Amusement Park

In order to avoid dangers in water amusement park, and the hurts caused by water park equipment, Haisan has the following suggestions of precautions as below:

1. Water park equipment management should equip necessary safe guard personnel and safety equipment. High position guarding post should be placed in the area of rarely observed. All the safe guard personnel should be uniformed in clothes and easy to be found. Other facilities like networking, communication, and lifesaving tools should be equipped.

2. Water park equipment management should set up marked tourists notifications and warning signal marks. During water park equipment running, if it’s over the set position, dangers will be happen, thus position limits and extreme position equipment should be equipped for safe and reliable running.

3. Water park equipment management should choose standard water park equipment. 30 days after running, management should register to the special equipment security supervision, and build water park equipment technology files.

4. Necessary inspections should be operated every day before water park equipment running and make inspections and running records.

5. Every half year, water park equipment should have an overhaul, and make necessary records. As to those dangerous chemical products, special personnel should be there for watching and warning signs.

6. The management and water park equipment running personnel should be certified through tests by special equipment security supervision.

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