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Super Tornado Slides II

Super Tornado Slides II

Being a perfect combination of light and electricity, the Super Tornado slide is 21.0 m high with a cross-section of 3.0 m wide. Players swing swirly on the trumpet-like inside wall, slowly slide down into the pool. How thrilling and exhilarating it is!

In Haisan, discover your dreamed Super Tornado slide. Haisan super tornado slide, an excellent slide perfects wonderful paradises. Get to know Haisan then choose our slide, and go hand in hand with us to create a more exciting water park for Chinese tourists. It is what they deserve to have a better international water park that will be built by Haisan. Indoor or outdoor, your dreamed Super Tornado slide is tailor-made by us no matter how complex the case is. Haisan is the icing on the cake for your paradise!

Its unique track offers players a smooth slide while the high board guards them in a safe one.

A unique sharp turn technology adopted applies arcs of different radii to turnings. With a guarantee of safety, we produce a faster, more controllable and hyperactive slide. According to your specific needs, Haisan provides you with tailor-made Super Tornado slides.

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