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How to Deal with Rainy Days in Inflatable Water Park Operation?

How to Deal with Rainy Days in Inflatable Water Park Operation?

Where to play in summer? Not the playground or children's park. The place to play in summer is the water park. As times are changing and we are making progress, water parks have become adult parks, children's parks, and parent-child parks. Water parks are no longer a monotonous project, they have their own charm. So, how to deal with rainy weather and other weather conditions in the operation of inflatable aqua park projects?

Timely collection of electrical equipment in the water park

The normal operation of inflatable water park equipments cannot be separated from this medium of electricity. Therefore, in the event of heavy rain, the first thing investors need to do is evacuate tourists and cut off the power.

At the same time, electric equipment such as fans, distribution boxes, sand tanks, and suction pumps should be collected and placed in a place that will not be soaked in rain to avoid short circuits caused by water entering the equipment.

The inflatable aqua park project is ready for drainage

In heavy rain, the park is susceptible to water accumulation. Therefore, when building the park, investors should consider this issue and do well in drainage work so that they can be more worry-free in the later operation.

Check the surrounding environment of the inflatable aqua park project

Many investors' grounds are leveled in the later stage. Therefore, after heavy rain, the ground is likely to have depressions. At this time, investors need to carefully check the ground condition of the park and deal with it in a timely manner. In addition, trees, railings, etc. also need to be checked by investors to see if there are toppled traces.

Timely cleaning of water park equipment

On rainy days, water park equipment placed outdoors will inevitably be drenched and muddy. Therefore, after heavy rain, investors need to carefully check and clean each equipment to provide tourists with a clean play environment.

Do a good job in water quality treatment of the inflatable water park

After heavy rain, the water level of the pool will definitely be too high, and the water quality will also be very poor. At this time, investors need to drain the pool in time and treat the water quality.

Only by doing these things can we not only avoid accidents but also extend the service life of water park equipment, thus reducing the loss of mobile water park to a lower level!

The inflatable water park adopts the inflatable method to maintain its shape, and the material of the inflatable water park is 0.9 PVC mesh cloth. As we all know, the softness of inflatable products is better. It is inevitable that children will bump when playing. This characteristic of inflatable water park completely eliminates the worries of parents.

The inflatable water park also has distinctions. There are simple water parks and competitive obstacle courses. Most of the purely water parks are more like theme parks.

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