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Some Operational Points in the Planning and Design of Water Park Equipment

Some Operational Points in the Planning and Design of Water Park Equipment

1. Functional streamline           

Functional streamline is mainly designed from the perspective of tourists'experience. On the one hand, streamline design needs to conform to the rules of tourists'play and improve the reception efficiency of water park equipment; on the other hand, improve the efficiency of business management and achieve matrix management. This function streamline mainly has two aspects, one is before entering the garden, the other is after entering the garden.           

Before entering the park, it is very important to pay attention to the relationship between the tourist service center, box office and the entrance and exit of the park. Tourist service centers are generally served as places for tourists'consultation and reception, so they are mostly located outside the gate of the park. However, according to the actual needs of operation, some small service centers or consultation points can be set up in the park.           

2. Safe Operation           

Safety is very important to the operation of theme aquatic park. In planning and design, safety should be considered in the most important position.           

The first is the maximum carrying capacity. In the early planning and design, we should consider the overall reception capacity of the park, the route planning of each region, the selection of water park equipment and the performance theatre, etc. We should consider the carrying capacity, and match it accordingly to ensure the safe and orderly operation of the scenic area in the future.           

The second is the quality of water amusement equipment. When choosing and purchasing equipment, investors should choose large-scale water amusement park equipment manufacturers with Dual Certificate qualifications, strong strength, good reputation and perfect after-sales cooperation. Never choose a third-rate, ineligible manufacturer.
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