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water park planning for Indoor Family Entertainment Center

water park planning for Indoor Family Entertainment Center

Traditional theme parks are greatly influenced by the weather because of their operation time and tourists'experience. Many owners have sought after indoor water park planning to improve visitors'sense of experience and manageable operating time.

Nowadays, shopping mall is a child-centered family shopping mode. Indoor family entertainment center has strong radiation and the ability to guide customers to repeat shopping. While shopping malls in the early implementation of fire control approval procedures, often home entertainment centers and other shops are not stationed, so the exact business scope of the site can not be determined.

For the setting of indoor family entertainment center, it also needs to meet the corresponding planning requirements.

1. It should be located on the first to third floors of the shopping mall. It is strictly forbidden to be located in the underground shopping mall or on floors above four floors.

2. There should be no fewer than two safe exits for indoor children's park. There should be an independent entrance and exit. When the shopping mall is a high-rise building, an independent entrance and exit must be set up.

3. When a fire breaks out, a large amount of toxic smoke produced by combustible materials is the main cause of suffocation death. Therefore, all kinds of materials used in facilities must be non-flammable, non-flammable materials or after flame-retardant treatment of flammable materials.

4. Fully equipped with fire fighting equipment, including fire extinguishers, fire emergency lighting and evacuation signs.

Water-playing area is the main recreational area of indoor amusement park, which usually includes wave-making pool, drifting river, water slide, slideway and other water-wading recreational facilities. These recreational facilities or occupy a large area or their own height, so the water play area is generally set in a tall space, the height is generally about 20 meters, the area is less than 10,000 square meters, more than tens of thousands of square meters.            Usually, the tall space where the water play area is located is set up as a fire protection zone, which is much larger than the fire protection zone of the general building. The danger lies in the rapid convection of air and the rapid spread of smoke in fire.

On the other hand, the tall building space structure also provides a larger smoke storage space, which makes the fire smoke subsidence slower. If the main activity area of amusement personnel is in a lower position in the space, the fire smoke threat to human life and safety is relatively small. In addition, because the area is mostly wave-making ponds, drifting rivers and other waters, there are certain fire protection isolation conditions. Although the fire smoke will spread, but the fire will not spread quickly to form a large area of fire.

Fire load is high

The main fire load of indoor water park comes from recreational facilities. The main structure of recreation facilities is mostly steel structure, and the main combustible material is FRP slideway on recreation facilities. Although FRP is a non-flammable material, the possibility of its ignition is not excluded. FRP combustion will release a large number of toxic and harmful gases to human body. If it can not be eliminated in time and gathered indoors, it will pose a threat to the life safety of indoor recreation personnel in space.High personnel density and complex evacuation path

Indoor water park is very dense during the holidays, and evacuation pressure will be great in emergency. In addition, the level of amusement facilities in the water park is scattered, and there will inevitably be steps on the evacuation corridor. Emergency evacuation may cause secondary disasters such as falls and tramples. Some recreational facilities are relatively high. In emergencies, people need to evacuate from recreational facilities tens of meters high to the ground, or wait for recreational facilities to be reset before starting evacuation. The evacuation path is complex and takes a long time.

Electrical fire is dangerous

A large number of motors are used in recreational facilities such as wave-making pools. When the motors are overloaded and under-voltage operation, insulation damage, poor contact, mechanical friction and other conditions, sparks, arcs or the insulation of the surrounding wires will be damaged, resulting in leakage, short circuit and other phenomena, which will trigger fires.            Of course, the fire protection design of indoor water park is also very difficult, because the fire protection zones of indoor water park are too large, and its water play zones are usually equipped with a large number of large-scale recreational equipment, with high space, so it is not suitable to use firewalls or fire curtains and other fire prevention measures to separate them, usually as a fire protection zoning design. However, the building area of fire protection zones is limited by the fire protection technical standards of construction projects in China. If the tall space of the water play area is simply designed as a fire protection zoning, the building area of fire protection zones will probably exceed the requirements of the fire protection technical standards.

In addition, the large-scale indoor water park, like the indoor land park, has a long evacuation distance, which is also one of the difficulties encountered in the design. The tall space buildings of the water park generally have a large plane size and a long entrance depth, which often leads to the evacuation distance in some areas of the water park exceeding the standard requirements of fire protection technology.

In recent years, with the continuous improvement of domestic consumption level, people's pursuit of consumer demand and consumption mode is more diversified and diversified. More and more theme parks, water parks, commercial entertainment complexes, resorts and so on appear around us. In recent 20 years, the scale and investment of domestic recreational products have reached the top level. According to the forecast of the World Tourism Organization, China will become the world's largest tourist destination in 2020.

So, it has always been a very dense indoor theme amusement space, and its fire protection design must be a particularly important part of the overall design process.

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