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Safety points for water slide equipment when visiting Aqua Park

Safety points for water slide equipment when visiting Aqua Park

Parents and guardians should always supervise young children around the pools, lazy river, wave pool and all other water attractions. There will never be enough lifeguards at the water park to properly supervise a young child in a pool environment. A water park is a fantastic family experience and you should be immediately present and watching your children at all times.

If you're pregnant you should not ride any of the attractions. Check the safety signage at each ride or direct your questions to the ride operator. Set up a designated meeting spot when you arrive in case anyone gets lost. You and your children won't be carrying your cell phones, so this is important.

Many rides will have an age and/or height requirement.

Prepare to be climbing stairs for most attractions. If you're in poor physical shape, disabled or elderly this may present a problem. Expect there to be crowds. Setting expectations before you arrive will help you tolerate the crowds and make it a fun outing.

Areas of the park, including some lines, may have little to no shade from the sun.

Drink plenty of water. You should stop hourly for a drink of water and of course from the water fountain or concession stand, not the pool. Some parks require you to rent inner tubes for the wave pool and lazy river. When you rent a tube you may also be able to avoid the line for waiting for a tube on rides that require them. Ask the park for details.

On ensuring safe operation of water slide equipment, the government has given great attention to the implementation of the safety supervision guidelines, published a series of regulations. The levels of safety management part especially the quality supervision of special equipment safety supervision organization operation part, regulations and norms of the state are well followed, execution of the relevant part of the sense of responsibility for safety is greatly enhanced, increasing the degree of attention of the society, playing an important role in improving the quality safety of the occupation.

Water slide equipment first to pay attention to is the safety. Playground equipment is different from ordinary children's playground equipment, and need to pay special attention to the safety of water. The so-called security is to prevent drowning, there are many people who can’t swim in the water park, so must obey the arrangement of personnel and wear jackets, which can reduce the risk of drowning coefficient.

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