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Three new ways for water park management

Three new ways for water park management

1. Change the overall environment and create a new atmosphere
Environmental atmosphere has an important influence on the attractiveness of leisure and entertainment projects. The problem of environmental atmosphere generally includes two aspects: First, the environmental atmosphere is relatively old. For some water entertainment projects that have been used for a long time, the environment is often aging and old, and the overall atmosphere is gloomy. Innovation can be achieved by updating the environment, such as the water park with a long service life and aging ground, walls, and glass. , The overall environment can be improved through the replacement of floor tiles, wall painting, the rearrangement of surrounding seating seats and the redesign of free spaces, creating a new amusement atmosphere, and realizing the overall renewal of the water park; second, the environmental atmosphere is relatively monotonous. Many leisure and entertainment venues do not pay attention to the overall environment, which is relatively monotonous. It can be combined with the project's own characteristics or given the theme connotation to create a unique environment and atmosphere, which makes people feel immersive.

2. Strengthen tourist participation and innovate experience methods
Participation and experience are the core characteristics of leisure and entertainment projects. In terms of the innovation of amusement projects, for some projects with less participation by tourists, the attraction of leisure and entertainment projects can be enhanced by strengthening the participation of tourists and continuously innovating experience methods.

3. Update hardware facilities and lead the trend project
For some short-lived amusement stimulating and viewing experience leisure and entertainment projects, the elimination of hardware facilities is relatively fast, which requires constant updating of equipment. For water parks, especially large theme water parks, the renewal of equipment is not only about replacing old ones with new ones, but also keeping up with the trend and constantly introducing new water slide facilities. It should be noted that upgrading hardware facilities means increasing investment. Therefore, this innovation must be based on scientific analysis and prediction of the profitability of new equipment.

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