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How does water park win at the starting line?

How does water park win at the starting line?

How does water park win at the starting line?

If you want to do a good job in the planning and design of water park, you must first understand the water park. Water park has the characteristics of being greatly affected by location and seasonality, low investment threshold and fast cost recovery. But even so, we must pay attention to the planning and design of water park, and reasonable planning and design can achieve the maximum benefit under the limited budget. Of course, a water park can succeed not only by good planning and design, but also by planning and design. A good design is the beginning of a successful water park!           

What is water park?           

Water park provides water attractions and closed amusement facilities, generally including the following parts:           

1. Slideway, play pool or wave making pool for adults;           

2. Relaxing pool, spa pool and drifting River;           

3. Dry area (designed for adults, with tables and chairs, bar, etc.);           

4. Children's activity area;           

5. Children's slide and play area;           

6. Supporting facilities (ticket sales, park information, catering, commercial sales, first aid, lost and found and other tourist services);           

Taking Disney's Blizzard Beach as an example, we briefly explain the structure of the water park, and introduce the function and distribution of each component.           

Tourist Service Center           

Function: the tourist service center is located at the entrance, generally including ticket information, park information, disabled service, lost and found children, lost and found, emergency room, etc.           

Location: the tourist service center is located at the entrance, which needs to be opened in two directions. Visitors can enter before and after entering the park to get help.           

Wave making pond           

Function: the wave making pool is the standard configuration of the general water park, and it is also the core scenic spot and distribution center of the water park. A large number of leisure seats are arranged around the wave making pool.           

Location: the wave making pool is generally arranged at the outlet of the water equipment, and there are many roads leading to the wave making pool area.           

Key points of planning and Design: wave making height; shape of wave making pool (usually showing fan-shaped layout); depth of wave making pool; slope of wave making pool.

Water park equipment

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