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How to Design a Good Water Slide Layout

How to Design a Good Water Slide Layout

1. The importance of water slides

Among all water amusement equipment, the largest category undoubtedly belongs to water slides. Whether it is a large water slide or a small children's slide, its popularity is much larger than other water park equipment. Therefore, we believe that the key to the success of a water park lies in the design and layout of water slides. So, how to design and lay out them?

2. Ways to design and lay out the water slides

a. Pay attention to parent-child interactive experience

Parents with children probably have such experiences, like taking their children to ride a wooden horse or ride a small train in an amusement park. For three or four-year-old little children, letting them play alone is not at ease, but playing with them is somewhat embarrassing. In this way, the parent-child interaction can not be experienced at all. What can be experienced is simply "putting children out to the park"

The so-called parent-child, in fact, is to create an intimate interaction space and opportunity for adults and children, allowing them to complete one thing together, including playing together, which is the real parent-child interaction. Therefore, water slide manufacturers need to provide such opportunities and space when making water slides, so that adults will not feel too boring nor too dangerous and exciting for children. It is really the only best choice for parent-child interaction if everything of water slides is just right!

b. Design and layout should be compatible

The water slide must have both a gathering area, and a leisure and relaxing area; it must have an area that reflects the warmth of the family and children, and one that is thrilling and refreshing. Therefore, at the beginning of planning and design, we must pay great attention to the design and layout of water slides, make full use of the existing terrain and display, and take landscape figures, flowers, trees, etc. into account to achieve the concept that "children gains, adults plays, and the old watches".

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