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A Good Place For Summer Travel

A Good Place For Summer Travel

From the point of view of the booking data, it is expected that the peak will be held in late July to mid-August. The way to travel, the difference between the other time, summer travel for more than 5 days or more long distance tour, accounting for more than 6, in addition, "2 days 1 Nights" of the surrounding summer tour is also quite popular with the public.

Water Park is a summer bursting

The hot summer days, where do you love to find the cool? According to the survey data, this summer, Shanghai Disney Park, Mount Emei, Mount Huangshan scenic area, Zhuhai long long ocean Kingdom, Guangzhou Changlong water park, Zhangjiajie Tianmenshan Mountain national Forest Park, Lishui Adventure Island water world, Shanghai Maya beach water park become the most popular scenic spots, among which the water park is deserved. A summer break. For domestic summer high temperature, "barbecue" weather, playing with water "wet body" is undoubtedly the most popular way of summer. In the popular water park, Guangzhou Changlong water park, Lishui Adventure Island water world, Shanghai Mayan beach water parkSanya dreamy water worldAnji happy storm water park, dinosaur garden Jurassic water world and other people are most popular, summer season or will continue to appear "dumplings" view of Zhuang. In addition, the canyon drifting is also a lot of public summer summer "good heart", such as Anji Dashi canyon rafting rafting, Hangzhou Ling'an Longjing gorge drifting, Chongqing Wulong Yidu gorge drifting and other scenic spots, booking volume is also rapidly rising.

At the same time, the number of people who use the weekend to choose the surrounding summer is also increasing, of which "2 days and 1 Nights" free travel is the most popular, 7 of the tourists choose to travel. At the same time, following the hotel to take the summer to become a summer holiday fashion, especially high quality hotels with private pool, children's paradise, parent child theme hotel and so on, is very popular with the public. For example, the Anji tent guests of the "net red" Hotel launched lake side fishing, tea garden riding, bonfire party, tea seeking, tea, night view and so on this summer. A variety of activities allow parents and children to spend a happy summer vacation.

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