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Water park/water slide situation

Water park/water slide situation

Water park investment is a very important part of tourism investment, and its development is very rapid. The white book of water parks shows that there are 240 large and medium sized water parks in China. If we count them according to the water parks, we should be close to 400.

What is the situation compared to the developed countries? According to incomplete statistics, there are about 800 water parks in the United States, two times that of our country. But the total amount of population and the total market in China is far greater than that of the United States. So we have a lot of development potential and space in the water park. Of course, we also have some problems. For example, our 400 families, or only more than 200 large and medium-sized water parks, are not evenly distributed. This also brings some problems to the development of water slide equipmet in the water parks.

The water park industry in China is still in a stage of starting and developing. We now have hundreds of water parks, which should be said to be more than 80%, which came out of the 6 years of -16 in 10 years. In the short period of the past few years, a large number of industrial rules and regulations have emerged, which need to be revised and perfected gradually. Now the domestic competition is more and more intense, prompting every practitioner, our park to make positive improvement, plus the constant introduction of international giant brands, forcing the transformation of water parks.

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