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Reveal the secrets of the spiral water slide in the water park

Reveal the secrets of the spiral water slide in the water park

Summer is like a naughty kid's face, moody, going on with the high temperature without saying a word, also too late to take an umbrella to tan, there is always a heavy rain any second without preparing, it is a little light sadness, but we can play water again.

In everyone's memory, there is a spiral water slide that will never be enough to play. But as we grow older, that little slide is no longer enough to satisfy our ever-growing desire for excitement, but a combination of slides with a little bit of "stuff." the spiral water slide uses multiple sets of slides that spiral in and out of each other, diving rapidly in a maze of passages, jumping up and down, or spiraling down. This is the mysterious mystery of the spiral water slide, perhaps your mind is that the road here 18 turns, the water here nine interlocking.

In the endless darkness, experience such as vortex like centrifugal force, such as the speed of free fall, after breaking through the fear suddenly, straight into the water, let you experience different stimulation and fun, either slow or urgent, either bright or dark, we will get lost with direction without even noticing, the height is proportional to the sense of excitement, can not escape here. When you arrive at the open slide, your view will be released and you will have a panoramic view of the park landscape. The rapid changes of the surrounding reference materials will make you feel the extreme sense of speed intuitively. Different from the racing stimulus of the rainbow slide, the spiral water slide is more like a roller coaster, and the winding and winding fun is more obvious.

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