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Several Breakthroughs in the Management of Water Park Equipment

Several Breakthroughs in the Management of Water Park Equipment

Breakthrough point 1: Theme packaging.

In the future, the competition of water park equipment must be the competition of theme culture. Theme packaging is always a sharp weapon in the market competition.

What is the theme packaging? Conceptual design, deepening details and engineering model making to construction are the only way to realize the theme idea, which we call "theme packaging". Only thematic packaging without dead corners can perfectly display thematic style and allow tourists to experience it. Simply put, theme packaging is to dress. People with different personalities will find the most suitable clothes according to their own characteristics and personalities, and form their own characteristics. Theme packaging is like this. It gives life, features and souls to a building without distinction and connotation.           

Breakthrough point 2: product mix. Traditional aquatic park products are basically only aquatic entertainment projects. To highlight the competitive advantage, efforts can be made from product mix.           

As the name implies, product portfolio is the combination of several water park equipment, which has some connection with each other. It can play the same or different ways, and can provide visitors with a variety of experiences. Here, we recommend the aquatic dragon combination developed by Haishan amusement park. The product is novel, exciting and fun, and has won unanimous praise from all major parks and tourists.           

Breakthrough point 3: Second consumption. Secondary consumption is easy to say, but not easy to do. The emphasis is on the planning of the operating points in the park. According to the passenger flow line and flow, the secondary consumption and operation points such as catering, shopping, performing arts and stalls are planned. The benefit of secondary consumption can not be underestimated, and park operators should vigorously develop secondary consumption.           

Breakthrough point 4: Management service. Water parks in third and fourth-tier cities are generally poorly managed and backward in service consciousness. In order to win in the fierce market competition, it is also a very effective means to employ professional operation management team and do a good job of service.

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