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What are the Design Ideas for the Aqua Park?

What are the Design Ideas for the Aqua Park?

The design ideas for the aqua park are as follows:

1. Aqua park project planning principles

(1) Focus on ecological protection

As the right time and place are important, the aqua park displays the harmony of human vitality and natural charm, and emphasizes the design of landscape effects.

(2) Market-oriented

Determine the water park project products and services based on market demand, always maintain a shocking, high-speed vitality and advanced and safe market image, combining entertainment with spiritual cultivation and taste improvement.

(3) Excavate characteristics

 To excavate new projects and local characteristics with mature and refined design, consumers are given a unique and pleasant experience.

(4) Multiple integration

Not only is the internal sub-projects integrated, but the project also forms an organic relationship with the surrounding environment, scenic spots and other projects.

(5) Operation for four seasons

There are aqua park projects in operation throughout the year. Now many aqua parks can only be operated in a short summer, so a series of water entertainment projects such as hot spring spas and indoor swimming pools should be added.

2. Aqua park project planning ideas

(1) Focus on the entire city and combine the surrounding environment to create a cultural tourism industry that integrates sightseeing and experience.

(2) During the operation of the project content, emphasize power, strength, speed, beauty, changeability and lasting extreme feelings and sound coordination.

(3) Use the development of this project to promote the development of local tourism, real estate, catering and hotels.

3. Aqua park project theme planning

When visitors enter the park, they can feel amusement, fun and beauty in the flow, buoyancy, impact, shape of water. The aqua park projects are colorful and suitable for people of all ages.

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