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Factors restricting the operation of the water park from HAISAN water slide supplier

Factors restricting the operation of the water park from HAISAN water slide supplier

The reason is that some water recreation projects have spent almost all their efforts in the creation of water (such as the construction of spacious venues in water park from HAISAN water slide supplier and the addition of high-tech water amusement equipment). Invariably neglecting the creation of land, this is the biggest reason why the tourist attractions with water as the main tourist attraction in China are deeply troubled by the dry season. In addition, there are factors such as natural factors, national vacation systems and product composition.

In general, scenic spots with water as the main tourist attraction are easily restricted by factors such as geography, climate, and seasonal changes. According to the tourist psychological survey, when water tourism, rafting, waterfront and other hydrophilic tourism projects are carried out, tourists are reluctant to touch the water when the water temperature (temperature) is lower than 27 °C; for the hot spring project, the outside temperature is high. At 25 ° C, visitors will be stuck, and the willingness to launch will be significantly reduced. Compared with the comprehensive cluster of tourist attractions, in the past, the products of hot springs, beaches, rafting, water parks and other scenic spots are relatively simple, so that these scenic spots face cold-moisture when facing the irresistible natural factors. Hot springs encounter hot summers, drifting, water parks encounter cold, rain and snow, etc., it is difficult to form normal operations, the bottleneck of the off-season is naturally unable to break through.

At the same time, the country's vacation system will also have a certain impact on the off-season season. China's vacation system makes people's travel time relatively concentrated, which has formed a peak season for tourist attractions to a certain extent.

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