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On the diversity of theme landscape in theme park

On the diversity of theme landscape in theme park

In the planning, design and construction of the theme park, through the use of value orientation, sociality, practicability, science and technology, ecology, and coordination and balance of various elements of the theme landscape, the theme idea and cultural connotation of the theme park can be fully reflected, continuously improved and promoted, and take the road of sustainable development.

Theme park should belong to the category of park, which is the extension and expansion of landscape architecture. The theme landscape is the main body of the theme park, the carrier of the spirit and culture of the theme park, and the essence of the theme park. In the planning, design and construction of the theme park, how to embody the theme idea of the theme park, how to inherit and improve the original theme idea and cultural connotation in the construction and maintenance of the scenic spot, how to make the theme park take the road of sustainable development in the software and hardware facilities and environmental packaging of the scenic spot, has always been our pursuit in the management, and is the theme company The ultimate goal of the garden builders and managers.           

Through the long-term operation and management of the theme park, as well as the perceptual understanding and thinking of a series of theme parks, we have a deeper research and interpretation of the landscape of the theme park, a more detailed understanding of the content it contains, and a personal experience of the diversity of the landscape. Mainly in the following aspects: the value orientation of the landscape, the sociality of the landscape, the practicability of the landscape, the science and technology of the landscape, the ecology of the landscape, the coordination and balance of various elements in the landscape, etc.

Value orientation of landscape           

What is the purpose of the theme landscape in the theme water park? No matter in the mature Disney or in the young happy valley, the answer is very clear: the functionality of the landscape is the first. All its landscape intentions, whether hard landscape or soft landscape, are set around the use function, so as to make the use convenient for tourists. In Disney and happy valley, there are few simple hard view sketches, each of which has the function of using. For example, the animal water dispenser, doughnut seat, cookie sheriff's sign and so on, its infrastructure is displayed in the form of landscape sketch, which makes the infrastructure everywhere blooming and convenient for tourists to use. At the same time, because the infrastructure is also attached to the landscape and sketch, the park is full of scenery and different scenery. The perfect combination of landscape use function and landscape value shows a high principle and value orientation of landscape design.

Practicability of landscape           

From some successful cases of theme park, we can see that the understanding of theme park to landscape focuses on the first to meet the practicality of landscape, and the landscape should also meet the needs of tourists. The landscape in the scenic spot is set up for the use of tourists. To provide practical, convenient, comfortable and excellent landscape for tourists should be the realm pursued by the scenic spot design. In the form of landscape expression, it does not pursue simple surface form and visual impact effect, but focuses on the pursuit of internal value and practical function. For example, the various landscapes of Happy Valley Theme Park, combined with the supporting infrastructure, are designed carefully and effectively, taking full account of human physiological, psychological needs and recreational behavior characteristics, to meet the needs of tourists to the maximum extent, and to achieve the unity of harmony and practicality. Landscape and facilities are integrated, and facilities become the landscape in the environment, which is reasonable and beneficial from any point of view, and the design concept of human care has always run through it.

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