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The Construction Process of Water Slides

The Construction Process of Water Slides

Credit the colorful water slide with a tourist attraction for it magically turns barren slopes of scenic spots, playgrounds and feature towns into a rainbow-like water park. What a prosperity booster the rainbow slide is! Then how so?

1. The On-site Slope Measurement
Natural slopes of 3 to 30 degrees with a length of 100M to 300M are ideal ones for multi-slides. Unfeasible ones can be made into artificial slopes by heaping up to achieve the rainbow slide.

2. Design the Slope
Based on the measurement result, work out the length and design the shape of the slope. Then provide the client with the layout and construction plan for consent. There will be room left for finalize the design if it is not the satisfied one. Longmai Amusement Equipment Company will try our best to make reasonable improvement to the water slide in accordance with the request. Only the satisfied design calls the rest of the adjustment.

3. The On-site Slope Arrangement
Based on the construction drawings, arrange the rainbow slide track site to meet the design requirements.

4. The Site Stabilization
The water slides shall be supported by 10 cm hardened surface to smooth the slope, so as to facilitate the construction.

5. The Manual Paving
Carry out test slides when the basic paving is done to make sure of the predetermined position range achieved.

6. The Slide Installation
With expansion wires, fix the water slide of successful trials, which winds up the slide construction.

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