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Variety and Combination of Amusement Equipment

Variety and Combination of Amusement Equipment

Because the amusement equipment safety and reliability requirements are very high, and the innovation purely relying on mechanical structure is more and more difficult, so we need to introduce other innovative elements, such as sight, hearing, smell, body feeling experience. Generally summarized as follows:

1. The Innovation of amusement Equipment Movement Elements, Mechanical Structure
This type innovation through equipment ontology institutional innovation to achieve the change of movement, such as rotating free fall.

2. Amusement Equipment + Combination
The innovative combination of certain types of equipment and other equipment, such as free fall roller coaster.

3. Amusement Equipment + Video Type Combination
Combines certain types of equipment and film and television class, this type innovation such as Hengdian Dream Valley water park equipment, the circulation river combined with the film's adventures.

4. Amusement Equipment + Dynamic Platform + Video Type Combination
This innovation will mix certain types of equipment with dynamic platform, film and television, such as snow mountain roller coaster.

5. Amusement Equipment + Interactive Games
The innovation will combined with interactive shooting, such as small cavalry, Shenzhen Happy Valley will seat class amusement equipment combined with shooting game.

6. Virtuality and Reality Combination of The Media, Actor
The innovation of multimedia combined with real actors, such as various magic theater in the amusement park.

7. Over-sized Amusement Equipment + Theme Landscape Effects
This innovation will combined oversize equipment with theme landscape, such as Sanya Phoenix Dream Water City will decorate water park equipment for sale such as roller coaster theme landscape with phoenix.

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