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Guide for maintenance and repair of fiberglass water slide

Guide for maintenance and repair of fiberglass water slide

Guide for maintenance :

1. Before opening daily, the slide should be checked to see if there are any exposed sharp edges, sharp corners, burrs, water leakage and other phenomena.
2. Whether the water treatment equipment is in normal operation to ensure the water supply of the fiberglass water slide lubricating water and the slide falling pool.
3. Check and tighten the connectors regularly.
4. The load-bearing members should be inspected regularly to see whether the structure has cracks and bending deformation. So we can do the replacement in time once we need.
5. The fiberglass water slide be covered with plastic cloth or coarse cloth during non-use period to prevent the slide from aging, fading and cracking caused by ultraviolet radiation. The chute section with cracks should be replaced (or repaired) in time, and the interface of the slide is not smooth, the boss or the crack should be dealt with in time.
6. The paint layer on the surface of metal components shall be checked for peeling and fading during non-use period. If peeling and peeling occur, the paint shall be repainted. 7. Organize regular safety inspection and maintenance. If there’s water, sand and scale are found on the slide surface, clean and polish with cotton cloth or sandpaper in time.


1. Slide leakage: when the glass adhesive is aging, we should first remove the old adhesive, and clean it up, re-seal the glass adhesive, wipe it flat with your hands, scrape away the remaining glass adhesive, and sand the surface with water after drying.
2. Slide crack: use a grinder first crack burnish drops, the polished surface is clean before repair (brush with wool or cotton), then use the same color gel repair, after curing, use 400 # water sand paper first to do the coarse grinding, 800 # water sand paper to do half fine polished, with 1500 # water sandpaper to do fine grinding, finally achieves the goals that the fiberglass water slide surface level off, smooth, and finally use polishing machine do the polishing processing (with 3 # polishing liquid).
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