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Planning for Expansion

Planning for Expansion

Attractions can be added to the water park to add more capacity. No matter what the size of the water park or how many rides you have, people like to see new things. Generate additional stimulation and add a new ride in every two to three years. When planning your park firstly, consider where your first expansion will go. This gives you no need to place the most recent thrilling ride beside the quiet area, and you have built an "adult zone" ".

For your expansion, make sure it is the right choice. Back to the first step. Review your market and see which areas you need to solve. See how your park works and think about what will make it better. Adding a new attraction is not always the right answer. You may need to add more capacity, or you may need to meet the needs of the age group. Once the decision to expand, there are several key projects to consider and will affect its success. What is your budget? What do you want to include in the expansion? How much land do you need? What is the operating cost? Does it make money? In essence, you need to re - examine the previous planning work.
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