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Today, with serious homogeneity, how to innovate water park equipment?

Today, with serious homogeneity, how to innovate water park equipment?

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According to relevant data, there are about 1,600 water parks in China, but there are only 333 prefecture-level districts. Using simple averaging arithmetic, there are about 5 water parks on average in each prefecture-level district, but some water parks are flooded. In cities such as Beijing, Xi’an, Zhengzhou, Weifang, Chongqing, Mudanjiang, Shenyang and other places, a city may have 7-8 water parks. In some cities, two water parks can be seen 2-3 kilometers apart. The park is just a pile of equipment, the equipment is similar, there is no difference. So, with such serious homogeneity today, how should water park equipment innovate and stand out? I hope the following suggested measures can bring some ideas to everyone:

1. From the perspective of tourists, the color of the equipment is very important to the experience of tourists

Color matching is a science that involves all aspects. When matching colors for water park equipment, you should not be arbitrarily. Necessary research should be conducted on the customer group faced by this equipment to study the commonality of color preferences of this type of customer group.

2. The appearance and shape of the equipment should be carefully designed

People have a kind of curiosity psychology, they are all interested in some unknown things, similarly, those strange water park equipment often arouse the interest of tourists. However, when designing the appearance and shape, we should not blindly design a bunch of shapes that exceed normal cognition for the sake of peculiarities. That will often backfire. The design should be based on some facts (theme elements).

3. New equipment research and development must pay attention to technology

When designing and developing new equipment, we must pay attention to the integration of cutting-edge technology. For example, integrating the currently very hot VR technology into amusement equipment, that is, integrating computer sensing elements into water park equipment, and then using waterproof VR helmets for tourists Come for an immersive experience.

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