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Common Personal Safety Accidents in water park equipment and Their Preventive Measures

Common Personal Safety Accidents in water park equipment and Their Preventive Measures

First, drowning

Drowning is a serious safety accident in water park equipment. If it is not found and rescued in time, it will lead to the death of tourists.

Preventive measures:

1. Equipped with sufficient number of lifeguards in key waters (wave-making ponds, drifting rivers, etc.);

2. Strengthen safety training and life-saving skills training for lifeguards;

3. Equipped with corresponding life-saving equipment (such as oxygen cylinder, automatic defibrillator, etc.);

4. During the business period, all the pools in the park should arrange for employees to carry out safety monitoring.

5. Conduct simulation exercises regularly.

Second, bruise

Visitors to the water park wear swimsuits, most of the body surface exposed outside, losing the protection of clothing, easy to produce abrasions in the process of playing;

Preventive measures:

1. Eliminating potential safety hazards, all places that visitors may come into contact with in the park, including railings, handrails, pillars, steps, seats, slideway surfaces, ground paving, landscape packaging, etc., can not have sharp protrusions, cracks, burrs, etc.

2. Investigate at any time and rectify in time.

Three, fall

Falling is one of the most common safety accidents in water park, which is determined by the characteristics of water park. The wet and slippery characteristics of water park ground, together with the lack of self-protection awareness of upstream visitors in the process of playing, especially when children run on the wet and slippery ground, are most likely to cause falls.

Some tourists may also fall when they wear improper slippers when they enter the water park, especially when they wear disposable cloth slippers in hotels, which are very slippery after being wet and easy to cause accidents.

Preventive measures:

1. Anti-skid treatment of the ground (such as laying anti-skid mat, etc.);

2. Setting up anti-skid safety warning signs;

3. Safe broadcasting for tourists;

4. Arrange employees to control key areas when necessary.

5. Prompt and dissuade tourists from wearing inappropriate clothes;

Fourth, Overturning of Floating Raft

Floating raft generally refers to the pads, buoys and rafts (many people) used by tourists in water park. For various reasons, including the incorrect taxiing posture of tourists, the unreasonable collocation of tourists' gravity center, the safety accidents caused by the tightness or fear of loosening the handle of floating raft and the safety defects in the design of water equipment, etc.

Preventive measures:

1. Inspect the safety of the floating raft to ensure its safe use.

2. Use voice, picture, text and video to inform tourists of the correct taxiing posture.

3. Employees try and slide repeatedly to ensure the safety of taxiing.

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