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Which Part of the Water Park Is Most Important to Tourists?

Which Part of the Water Park Is Most Important to Tourists?

Whether it is an adult or a child going to the water park to play, the first consideration is safety. Some of the water park equipment is in disrepair for a long time, and no one would like to play with it. Moreover, it is impossible to let your children to take this risk. 

The potential safety hazards include but are not limited to the following five points:

1. The corners of children's aqua park equipment should be softened to prevent children from accidentally colliding;

2. The slides in some water parks are not equipped with handrails or guarded by personnel, so children are more likely to fall;

3. Most of the water parks don’t check the health of children entering the venue, and don’t refuse patients who are sick, and don’t have measures such as washing hands before entering the venue and measuring body temperature;

4. The sanitary condition is worrying, because there are various kinds of pericarp, paper scraps, hair and even sharp hard objects in the pool, and the staff has not cleaned and disinfected regularly;

5. If there are too many children playing, it is easy to lose control of the scene and even cause trampling.

Therefore, when operating a water park, we must pay special attention to the above issues to provide customers with safe services. 

So what are the elements of the water park service?

1. Core service

The core service is the most basic service provided by the water park to the guests, which can meet the most basic service needs of the guests and provide the most basic benefits to the guests.

2. Support service

Support services are some other necessary promotional services provided by the water park to enable guests to obtain core services.

3. Extended service

Extended services can also be called additional services, which are extra value-added services provided to guests on the basis of core services and support services, which can increase the value of core services, make water park services more intimate, and improve corporate competitiveness.

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