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The Circuit Safety Inspection of Water Amusement Park Equipment Cannot Be Ignored

The Circuit Safety Inspection of Water Amusement Park Equipment Cannot Be Ignored

1. The importance of safety of water amusement park equipment

The water parks are becoming more and more popular. For this reason, we must make preparations for water park safety in advance. Equipment refurbishment and maintenance, water quality testing must meet standards, and electrical equipment must be regularly maintained and overhauled. Let's talk about electrical maintenance issues and make a safe and accident-free water park.

Over the years, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people who go to water parks no longer just stay in a simple swimming pool, but like to go to some large water parks. A large water park is composed of many water amusement park equipment, including a variety of water and underwater lighting and water pump electricity. In addition to the joy of water parks, the safety of water amusement park equipment has also received more and more attention from the competent authorities.

2. The circuit safety inspection of water amusement park equipment cannot be ignored

At this stage, the electrical safety of most water park amusement facilities mainly includes circuit breaker protection, protective grounding, leakage protection, and equipotential bonding. Each of these measures has its advantages and disadvantages. In the application, multiple measures can be used to complement each other to achieve comprehensive security protection. Circuit breaker protection mainly includes fuse, air circuit breaker and other equipment, mainly used as short circuit fault protection of circuit and electrical equipment. After the line has a case-bumping fault, under certain conditions-when the short-circuit current is greater than the fuse current or the trip current, the fuse and air circuit breaker will act to cut off the faulty line to achieve the purpose of protecting the line and electrical equipment.

The water park should first self-check and maintain, and then organize related equipment to "prescribe the right medicine", strictly investigate possible electrical equipment safety problems, and maintain or even replace water park equipment that may have safety hazards. At the same time, the government and relevant administrative departments have issued corresponding regulations and systems to impose penalties on suspension of business for rectification of certain water park equipment manufacturers that do not complete the improvement in accordance with the prescribed time. Obviously, the safety of electrical equipment has become the most important criterion for measuring a water park equipment manufacturer. Therefore, "safety first, equipment supplemented" will surely become the main basis for water park equipment manufacturers to formulate development strategies.

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