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Capacity management strategy of theme park(water park)

Capacity management strategy of theme park(water park)

Today, let's talk about the capacity management of theme park(water park), or the management strategy of theme park(water park) tourism flow. Why should we emphasize the theme park(water park) in particular? Because the theme park(water park) may be among all kinds of tourist attractions, it is one of the scenic spots with the highest tourist density. We know that the area of a theme park(water park) is not large, because it mainly occupies the land of the city or the land in the edge of the city. Because of the high price of land, such scenic spots usually hope to use less space to accommodate more people when they are built. Therefore, generally speaking, the theme park(water park) is a tourist intensive scenic spot, which is different from other natural scenic spots.

For example, Shenzhen happy valley covers an area of more than 500 mu, but it may receive nearly 4 million tourists a year, and it usually needs more than 3.8 million people. For a park like this, the average number of people entering the park every day must be more than 10000, and in peak season, at the end of the week, even up to 30000. In such a small space, in order to realize the capacity management of tourists and the diversion or management strategy of tourism flow, a management system is needed. This is a very important topic in the modern theme park(water park) management, and it has become an important aspect of the theme park(water park) when many scenic spots manage tourists. We know that if a scenic spot wants to realize the tourist management or capacity management of the theme park(water park), it must have two major premises: the first is to accurately grasp and understand the fluctuation of tourism flow, in other words, we can know how to do it if we have an accurate grasp of the seasonal fluctuation law of tourism flow; the second is to have sufficient means and measures to control, regulate and divert Tourism flow, if you only know the fluctuation law without specific control measures, and the park hardware water slide equipment, water park equipment and software management system has no corresponding matching, then you can't do it. Only with these two conditions can we say that such a park has a basic strategy of capacity management and tourist diversion.

Of course, most of the scenic spots, especially the natural scenic spots and heritage sites, have a large area. During the year, the tourist flow will be too dense at some time or in some specific space. Then they take some simple diversion measures, such as diversion and opening new channels, which can be solved by the simplest measures. But for the theme park(water park), high tourist density is a normal, so its tourism flow control must be a very normal control measures.

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