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Water Park Investment and Benefit Analysis

Water Park Investment and Benefit Analysis

The current water park in the operation period basically show "crowded" scene. Water park construction cycle is usually as long as 0.5-1 years. In the case of normal operation, the first one or two years to recover costs, the third year into the profit period. Some of the business conditions are very ideal water park, the first year began to achieve a return and profit. Has been in a state of non-recovery water park and its investment planning has a direct relationship.

Ⅰ. Three misunderstandings of water park investment

1. Confusing the model of the water park investment

Some do not distinguish between the project in the region and the water park investor's own resources, simply blindly imitate and apply the model of others.

2. Confusing the role of the water park investment

Some people take the eyes of water park investors to judge the preferences of tourists, and make the wrong investment decisions.

3. Confusing the elements of the water park investment

Some people think that the larger the site the better, the more expensive equipment (large) the better, the hope of making money single and overly pinned on the equipment.

Market demand, regional competition, city size, traffic conditions, consumer perceptions are not the same, to use very different means of investment planning. Visitors' preferences and value needs often do not coincide with the value proposition of water park investors. The larger the site, the larger the water park equipment, the corresponding water park investment cost as well as management costs will be significantly higher. These are basically the main reasons for the failure of the aqua park project.

Ⅱ. Water park equipments

Water park investment must be profitable for the purpose of increasing revenue and saving money as the goal to plan the project. Combined with market demand, the use of differentiation to create a popular water park.

To achieve such a purpose, water park equipments are the top priority. The economy, the development of the times, people's requirements for leisure and entertainment continue to improve, which prompted the continuous innovation of our equipment. Traditional equipment upgrades and development, new equipment is emerging, and it increases the attractiveness of the water park to people.

Haisan Amusement Technology is a water park equipment supplier specializing in water park planning, landscape design, equipment manufacturing and installation and operation management services. We provide water park investors with good products, timely and long-term service.

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