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Key Problems in Water Park Design and Construction - part one

Key Problems in Water Park Design and Construction - part one

There are many problems involved in water park design and construction. Here are some places which are easy to ignore or make mistakes in the process.           

Pipe network design            

One of the biggest characteristics of water park is that the underground is full of pipeline network. If the pipeline network is not well designed, it will bring many problems. For example, when the park is opened, the water is gone, that is, the design of pipeline network is wrong or the pipeline network is destroyed.           

Water Park underground is several layers of things, water, electricity, gas, all kinds of pipelines are underground, so we must design the pipeline network clearly, including water treatment system and so on.           

Design of Shading, Heat Protection and Cooling           

In summer, tourists are exposed to high temperature in the water park, so the design of shading, heat prevention and cooling is very critical for tourists'experience.           

Design of Backwater Nozzle           

Why put forward the design of backwater outlet separately? If all the people who have run the water park know that backwater outlet is one of the most important factors causing the death of tourists, more than drowning. In the past three years, 67 cases of deaths caused by backwater outlets can be cited.           

The first point to be concerned in the design of backwater nozzle is that the nozzle should not be too large, and if the flow rate is too large, people will be easily absorbed. Secondly, the flow rate can be balanced by a balanced pool. The third point is that backwater outlets must avoid places that tourists can touch. The fourth point is that the management of the backwater outlet must be strict, and it should be managed at different levels, according to the size of the water volume and the degree of danger, so as to eliminate the problems I just mentioned. The design of backwater nozzle is a very important problem, which needs to be paid attention to.           

Protection of finished products           

Failure to pay attention to finished product protection during construction will lead to equipment problems. The first place where the problem arises is the deformation of the slideway. After the deformation, your design will change, the experience of tourists will change, and finally the safety will go wrong. So it must be hardened.           

The second one is that the equipment will be damaged, scratched and damaged due to cross operation during the construction process. Once this happens, the equipment will be defective to a certain extent. Especially in human slideways, human skin will directly contact the surface of the slideway, which is more likely to cause safety problems. The protection of finished products is crucial in this process.           

Equipment Packaging, Entertainment and Interactive Design           

The original water park generally has no packaging design, that is, the equipment will be open when installed. Now water park is developing towards thematization. Equipment packaging should be linked with entertainment design and interactive design.           

Why do tourists play in Changlong? One of the designs is related to entertainment interaction design. For example, many of its devices are added to a photographic platform, so that the players can interact with the viewers to make the visitors experience better.            Streamline design           

Some water parks are particularly complicated in streamline design, such as selling tickets, entering gates, distributing starting bracelets, storing goods and shopping, and then returning with a refund card. Several links occur in the gate area, which will be congested. It takes an hour or two for tourists to return their cards, so streamline design is very critical.            Sometimes, because the popular design of the park is unreasonable, no emergency measures can be taken. People who have no operational experience can not understand why they should adopt streamline design, so when developing water park, they must have a relatively mature experience to provide consultants.    

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