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Problems and Solutions in the Management of Current Theme Water Park from HAISAN water slide company

Problems and Solutions in the Management of Current Theme Water Park from HAISAN water slide company

The huge market prospects bring huge challenges, and the intensification of market competition leads to many theme water parks from HAISAN water slide company being only ephemeral. What's wrong with our theme water park? Why can't we continue to operate?

The reasons are as follows:

1. Following the trend blindly, the "theme" is not clear and there are too many repetitive constructions.

Many projects pursue short, flat and fast, lack exclusive features and brand IP, and form a large number of projects with similar patterns and content. The problem of homogenization is very serious. Many of them are the same stacking of water park facilities.

2. Relying too much on ticket revenue, the profit level is too low.

China's theme aquatic parks account for 80% of the ticket revenue, and the development of derivatives is seriously inadequate, while Disney's income of tickets, shopping and other three parts of the proportion of 3:3:4, ticket revenue only as daily maintenance costs.

3. Simulating and copying the contents of the park blindly

Without the pursuit of copying any quality, the demonstration effect of successful projects at home and abroad is too large, developers blindly copying and rough manufacturing, and do not pursue copying of any quality.

4. The extreme lack of professionals results in poor management

Depending on the "talent import", after the blind investment and construction, they have no intention of continuing to update and maintain and content innovation, resulting in late incomes beyond expenditure, rotten tail.

Without the support of classical roles and IP backgrounds, tourists lose the motivation of repetitive consumption after one visit, which leads to a low rate of tourists're-visit. Lack of culture and uniqueness, lack of platform for the development and growth of the surrounding industrial chain, into a dead cycle that can only rely on one-time ticket revenue. Facing the market opportunities of the golden age of theme water park, only the non-replicability can determine the vitality and survival cycle of theme water park.

1. Ensure that the theme is distinct and unique.

The theme is the soul of the theme water park, which is the basic characteristic of the theme water park different from other water parks. The establishment of "theme" is the key to success or failure. We should find high-quality IP with characteristics and foundation, and make the whole industry chain close to "theme" development.

2. Weakening "Ticket Revenue" and Expanding Profit Channels

Depending on rich cultural content to attract customers, we can make profits from a series of income such as sales of derivatives in pan-industrial chain and hotel operation.

3. Independent innovation in content to create a high-quality theme image

To refine the essence of theme IP, we should abandon imitation and plagiarism in design and avoid rough manufacturing in construction. From the moment visitors enter the water park gate, all the water park equipment, buildings, personnel and details in the park convey the concept and characteristics of the theme, making the experience irreplaceable.

4. Continuous maintenance and renovation of facilities, operation of "professional people do professional things"

Maintaining freshness and attractiveness is the core of enhancing tourists'experience and increasing repetition rate. It is also the key to long-term operation and profitability of theme aquatic park. Continuous updating of aquatic amusement equipment and industrial chain can maintain the heat until the formation of a "phenomenal" reputation.

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