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Customer Analysis & Security Issues for Water Park

Customer Analysis & Security Issues for Water Park

Customer Analysis  for Water Park
1. Common feature: individual customer will occupy a lot, and families, students and couples will be the primary.

2. The bigger for the project scale, the famous the water park will be.

3. Many customer will have the habit of multiple consumption.

4. Outdoor water park is famous for student and staff while indoor water park is famous for families.

5. No matter indoor or outdoor, small or big water park, the water park will be popular around its position area.

6. The age between 19 to 35 will be the main consumption people.

Security Issues for Water Park
Water park is no doubt a good place for people to relax in summer. But the media frequently reported incidents occurred on the water amusement equipment news and safety critical amusement equipment. How to ensure the safety of water amusement equipment?

On ensuring safe operation of water amusement equipment, the government has given great attention to the implementation of the safety supervision guidelines, published a series of regulations. The levels of safety management part especially the quality supervision of special equipment safety supervision organization operation part, regulations and norms of the state are well followed, execution of the relevant parts of the sense of responsibility for safety is greatly enhanced, increasing the degree of attention of the society, playing an important role in improving the quality safety of the occupation.

Water park equipment
first to pay attention to is the safety. Playground equipment is different from ordinary children's playground equipment,and need to pay special attention to the safety of water. The so-called security is to prevent drowning, there are many people who can not swim in the water park, so must obey the arrangement of personnel and wear jackets, which can reduce the risk of drowning coefficient.

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