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Development Strategies of Water Parks in the Post-epidemic Era

Development Strategies of Water Parks in the Post-epidemic Era

For completed water park projects, how can we deal with the current situation in the post epidemic era?

1. Water park project establishes the initial contact with tourists again through brand communication

Affected by the epidemic, the industry's consistent judgment of market confidence is: burden and retaliatory recovery coexist. Burden refers to the fact that because of the impact of the epidemic, people's income is affected and their health is especially valued by themselves, so they will be more cautious in making travel plans. Retaliation is mainly reflected in the release of psychological needs of long-term homestead.

The recovery of the market still needs a certain period of time, and the communication at this stage is particularly important. The brand communication at this stage is actually a process of re-establishing the relationship between water park projects and audiences, just like a lover who just broke up wants to re-establish the relationship.

2. Water park project should appropriately reduce the market radius and dig deep into the market to seek increment

The impact of this epidemic is great, and we will still have a certain psychological shadow within half a year. As a typical crowd gathering consumption activity, tourism has obvious uncertainty in cross region, which will more or less affect the people’s enthusiasm of cross region tourism.

Water parks with an area of more than 80,000 square meters generally have the market coverage capacity of about 2.5 hours' drive. However, this epidemic may reduce the market radiation radius this year to about 1.5 hours' drive. In this case, it is particularly important to dig deep into the local market to seek increment.

3. More measures of water park project to extend the stay time of tourists

Extending the stay time of tourists includes two aspects, one is to extend the operation cycle of the water park, the other is to extend the stay time of tourists in the park.

In addition to tickets, another major source of income of the water park is tourists' consumption in the park. To increase this part of income, we need tourists to stay long enough in the park . We can start from the following aspects:

a. Safety management of water amusement park equipment are done well to make tourists have a good time;

b. Interesting stories are set to encourage tourists to explore more when they are playing

c. Customer service is done well to improve the comfort of tourists;

d. Rest and entertainment places are increased to make tourists stay in the park after they are tired of playing;

e. Some activities or performances are held regularly to attract tourists' attention.

4. Water park project should be designed to do public benefit activities with all heart, do public relations seriously and establish a good social image of the park

In 2020, medical workers are undoubtedly the most lovely people and heroes in harm's way. Therefore, from the amusement associations to each individual scenic spot, they are basically announced that medical workers will be free of charge. This behavior is worthy of full affirmation, however, if there are only gimmicks and only the medical staff are considered without their family members, or the implementation is not done well, it may have a counterproductive effect. Public benefit marketing activities, on the one hand, depend on the slogan, on the other hand, rely on the implementation that we should do it with all our heart.

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