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Fiberglass Slide Paint

Fiberglass Slide Paint

In order to improve and beautify the surface state of FRP products and improve the value of the products, and ensure that the inner glass steel is not eroded to prolong the service life of the products, we usually make the work surface of the product into a layer of resin with a high content of resin with pigment paste (color paste). It can be pure resin or be reinforced with surface felt. The adhesive layer is called gel coat (also known as the surface layer or decorative layer). Production quality of gel coat will directly affect the product quality and the external resistance, water resistance and chemical resistance of erosion etc. Therefore, the following points should be paid attention to when spraying or painting the coating.
(1) When the pigment is used, if the mixture is not uniform, it will produce spot and stripes on the surface of the product, which not only affects the appearance, but also reduces its physical properties. For this purpose, mechanical agitation should be used as much as possible, and it is best to use a mixing machine that does not produce a vortex to avoid mixed air.

(2) The gel coat can be sprayed with a brush or a special spray gun. The spray should be added with 5~7 percent of the styrene to adjust the viscosity of the resin and the evaporation loss of styrene during the spraying process.

(3) The thickness of the coating shall be precisely controlled between 0.3 and o. 5 mm, normally using the quality of gel per unit area to control-the amount of gel of 350 ~ 550 g / ㎡, it can achieve the thickness of the above requirements.

The thickness of the coating should be suitable, not too thin or too thick. If the coating is too thin, it may solidify not completely, and the fiberglass fiber on the back of the gel is easy to be exposed, affecting the appearance quality, and it will not be able to beautify and protect the glass steel products. If the coating is too thick, it is easy to crack, not to resist the impact, especially the impact from the reverse direction of the product. It is also easy to crack in the process of stripping, because the surface curing speed is different, which causes the stress inside the resin.

(4) The adhesive should be brushed evenly and avoid the local accumulation of gels.

(5) The solidification degree of the coating must be mastered well.

The best way to check whether the gel layer is cured is to touch the surface of the coating with a touch of clean fingers. If it feels a little sticky, it is clear that the adhesive coating has been basically cured, and then the next paste operation can be carried out to ensure the integrity of the coating layer and backing layer.
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