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Water park equipment need to pay attention to the continuous operation

Water park equipment need to pay attention to the continuous operation

1. At present, the water park has become a sunrise industry, and the water park equipment everywhere have sprung up. Here, we listed some questions that need to be paid attention to in the sustainable operation of the water park. A good venue is one of the hard indicators that the water park can continue to operate and continuously benefit. When the water park is sited, it is necessary to evaluate the flow of people around the venue and the business prospects. It is recommended that the water park project should be located well-known. Scenic spots, resorts, large community neighborhoods or other places where people are heavily trafficked.

2. Choose the right water park equipment manufacturer
After the intention site is confirmed, the investor or operator will contact the appropriate water park equipment manufacturer according to the budget of the investment amount, and let the manufacturer issue the site plan and the overall quotation, and then negotiate the production and installation cycle of the water park equipment. Here, Xiao Bian recommends that all major investors and operators, if conditions permit, must conduct on-the-spot investigations on water park equipment manufacturers, and do not bother to investigate a few, but also investigate and understand the water park equipments manufacturers provide Whether the equipment operation status of other parks meets the safety, environmental protection and the operation status of the park, so that the research and development capability and after-sales service of the water park equipment manufacturers can be comprehensively evaluated. In a word, when choosing a water park equipment manufacturer, try to do as much as possible, and get more excellent.

3. Promotion
When the water park is about to be completed, it is necessary to implement the promotion and promotion of the water park. The wireless network, such as Weibo, WeChat public number, QQ group, etc., can be used for community communication, and the famous portal website, forums and blogs can be used for report dissemination; Create media events, conduct event dissemination; jointly promote, cooperate with local and market-radiated tourism agencies, or cooperate with local and market-spreading units and enterprises to give them certain conveniences and concessions, so that they can come and play; You can cooperate with the online B2C platform (Tmall, Taobao, Dangdang, Excellence...) and some powerful group buying networks to promote your products and services.

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