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Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part one

Key Points of Conceptual Plan Planning for Water Park Equipment - part one

The first is to focus on market positioning, the second is product positioning, the third is equipment selection, and the fourth is the planning of related systems. Why should we emphasize these four issues in particular? Because this is the most error-prone place for many water park equipment in their early investment.           

Market positioning           

Market positioning is crucial. After our investigation, the water park in China is mainly composed of young people and families. If the market positioning of these two types of water parks is not correct, they will be misplaced. Young people's market will not be very popular if they make products in the family-based market, and vice versa.           

The core of market positioning is to find the main market, which is the market, population and demand analysis mentioned above. These aspects must be studied thoroughly. I've managed two water parks in my career, and their main markets are biased, such as Maya Beach in Shanghai, where the youth market plays an important role. And Baise Water Park, it is mainly family, the two are completely different. The planning of activities, the way of operation and the matching of other services are all related to market positioning.           

Before we make a conceptual plan, we must orientate the market positioning accurately so as to push forward other work.           

Product positioning           

Product positioning is to see what level the product is in. The premise of product positioning is to be connected with market positioning. The second is what grade I choose, which grade is related to competitive strategy, the positioning of the whole company, and the brand positioning of the company.           

Location is very important, especially in the case of fierce competition, inaccurate positioning will actually cause problems, and positioning is related to investment, and ultimately to market penetration. Of course, if the product positioning does not match the operation capability, the product will not achieve good results.

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