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Several Cautions for the Water Park Investment

Several Cautions for the Water Park Investment

Nowadays, the competition in aqua park industry is becoming more and more fierce, which promotes every employee of water park to be highly motivated. Besides, some international brands that are constantly stationed into the market in China resulting in continuous transformation and development of aqua parks, for which some misunderstandings in water park investment need to be noticed.

Before the water park investment, several main points should be understood, which can avoid investors from going into errors. Let's see what these main points are in detail.

1. The regional characteristics of the aqua park project need to be analyzed in detail

As is known to all, outdoor aqua park project depends a lot on weather. If a region is chosen to invest aqua park project, we should make analyses on the climatic characteristics of the whole region and the area we want to invest to make sure whether this region can achieve the profit target expected by investors.

For example, some investors are interested in low latitude areas such as Shanghai and regions south of the Yangtze River, which needs two-month operation period. The operation period will be shorter for further north regions and longer for southward regions. This issue should be considered in the early investment calculation, after that, investors should judge whether there is a market support in terms of geographical and population market capacity or not.

2. Aqua park project should pay attention to positioning and avoid taking the wrong way

The investors operating water park investment shouldn't only pay highly attention to aqua park equipment but ignore the quality of water. Aqua park takes water as the carrier and relies on water space for entertainment, if investors only focus on water park equipment and do not understand the importance of the treatment of water well, it's possible that the treatment of water in peak season does not meet the standard, which will cause the punishment from relevant departments and a huge negative impact on aqua park even the risk of closing down if the situation is discovered.

Therefore, investors have to attach importance to the treatment of water as well as aqua park equipment in order to run the water park well and normally.

3. The management of aqua park project

The investment of large-scale water park project is one-off, so the early establishment is very important. And only a publicity after the project is completed is far from enough.

Aqua park investment consists of aqua park equipment, swimming, lifesaving, water sanitation and so on, for which there are corresponding government departments with high requirements to the operation management of aqua parks. In the meantime, affected by temperature, holidays,  operation peak period in summer and other factors, the operation of aqua parks is under great pressure. Consequently, aqua parks should be operated and managed by professional team scientifically.

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