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Emphasis should be placed on the involvement of operation team in the design of water park equipment

Emphasis should be placed on the involvement of operation team in the design of water park equipment

With the development of domestic water park industry, we find that there are many problems in the operation of domestic water park equipment. In addition to the reasons of operation management and marketing after the opening of water park, there are also many problems caused by inadequate consideration of operational requirements in the planning and design stage. It can be seen that the planning and design of water park also plays a large part in the operation and development of water park.           

At present, the domestic water park industry reality is mainly in the design link does not pay attention to the participation of the operation team, there are many attention, but in the current stage of rapid development of water park, often faced with problems such as limited experience level of the operation team recruited or found, resulting in hindrances to smooth operation in the later period. To return to the truth, if we can take into account some important issues of operation and management needs in the design stage of the water park, it can not only improve the safety management and service quality of the park, improve the satisfaction of tourists, the rate of re-visit, business income, but also reduce the phenomenon of rework and greatly save investment costs. Therefore, we should attach importance to the operation of water park, the planning and design of the park, and the importance of operation in the design. This should not be sloppy, investors must not take it lightly.           

Here, we can give a simple example:           

As we all know, every water park equipment in every park will have a falling pool, and there will be backwater fouling ditch in the falling pool. Some projects only consider backwater fouling ditch. It is believed that the whole falling pool can be cleaned after the water of the falling pool returns to the storage pool. However, after the actual operation, it is found that the water of the backwater ditch can not be discharged cleanly, sludge and sewage depend on artificial talent. Can thoroughly clean up, which has a serious impact on the operation, time-consuming and labor-intensive costs increased. If there is an operation team with experience in this field at the beginning of the design of the water park, then they will put forward effective solutions at the design stage.

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