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A Cool Summer, Here Comes the Water Slide Guide

A Cool Summer, Here Comes the Water Slide Guide

Summer vacation is approaching and the annual water season is coming. All kinds of water recreation facilities favored by friends and children are also approaching the peak of passenger flow. The typical theme park slide is the water slide.

As the saying goes: There are thousands of ways to enjoy it, remember the first rule of safety. So what is a water slide? What safety precautions should we pay attention to when playing? Let's take a look at this water slide guide.

Theme park slide has a rich variety of shapes and strange. However, the principle is similar. According to the height and danger level of classification, it can meet the needs of people of all ages. If you want to experience the water slide, you have to walk to a platform of more than 10 meters or even more than 20 meters. Then you depend on the lubrication of the water covered on the surface of the slideway and your own weight to slide along the slideway. In this process, the sliding speed will continue to accelerate, resulting in a strong sense of weightlessness. A large number of water sprays your face, bringing unique and extraordinary sensory stimulation.

1.Avoid carrying hairpins, watches, jewelry and other items that are easy to fall off and break down, as well as sharp items.
2.Before playing, it should be disinfected by disinfection pool.
3.Avoid prolonged exposure to sunlight, do a good job of sunscreen measures, and timely replenish water.
4. Only one person is allowed in each water slide, and the correct posture should be taken when you are playing.
5.When you slip to the end and enter the pool, leave as soon as possible.
6. When you encounter extreme weather such as thunder, lightning and rain, you should follow the staff's guidance and transfer to the safe area.

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