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Super Tornado Slides

Super Tornado Slides

At a certain point, every industry will inevitably face with the reshuffle. So will Water Park industry. With the further development, water parks with a simple performance, a low quality, a small scale, an extensive operation and scarce park equipment will gradually withdraw from the market. Instead, comprehensive, personalized and professional ones are onto the market.

Advancing times forces Water park equipment manufacturer to step up on the stage of the Water Park Equipment R & D. Haisan Amusement follows the trend, upgrades the appearance and ways of the traditional trumpet slide, and combines water with photoelectricity. After trial and error, we have developed a series of slide ways named Super Tornado, which are popular with tourists and investors.

The Super Tornado slide is 21.0 m high with a cross-section of 3.0 m wide. Players swing swirly on the trumpet-like inside wall, slowly slide down and into the pool. How thrilling and exhilarating it is! It makes you as if indulge in an exciting concert.

Online influencer equipment--the Super Tornado slide has been put into use in numerous parks and received many favorable comments.

The Super Tornado slide is a perfect combination of sound, light and electricity. It will impress you by its appearance and please you with its function. It can be shared with many people at the same time. Up and down float with the inertia. Side to side swing with the scream. Spin and swirl rush to the pool.

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